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Looking to Buy or Sell?

Seller's Guide


Connect With Kimberly

Looking for a Home Evaluation? Curious about what the process is like to sell? Have questions? Call Kimberly, Your Rochester, MN Realtor.


Accept the Offer

YES! You accepted an offer on your home. Kimberly works to educate you on the next step to ensure a smooth transition from accepted to closed!


Prep Your Home

Prepping your home before you go live on market is a crucial second step. Kimberly works to ensure your home is marketable, valued correctly, and ready for new owners.



Once the closing date comes, you will sign the paperwork and hand over the keys!  Your home is officially sold, and your new chapter awaits.


Know Your Home's Value

What is my home worth?  Kimberly has insight and knowledge to provide an estimate based on the condition of your home, other homes in the area, and more.

Selling your home, whether it be your first time or your last, is a big deal. Kimberly strives to ensure you are educated in the home selling process, and will be there from introduction to closing day.


How I Market Your Home

Kimberly Groteboer is Your Rochester, MN Realtor. 

Kimberly takes marketing your home seriously. Using advanced technology's and marketing strategies, you can rest assured your home will be seen by potential buyers.

Listing Online

After the professional photos are done, Kimberly lists your home on the appropriate platforms to engage buyers and spark interest.

Mobile Access

All listings are available on the go and accessible to schedule a tour with a click of a button on our mobile app.

Advanced Marketing

With one of the largest networks in the country, your listing is easily spread by word of mouth, online marketing, and advertising.

Buyer's Guide


Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved with a professional lender will determine what you can afford, an estimated monthly cost, how much to put to a down payment, and loan options. Doing this first, will save both time and stress.


Make the Offer

You found the home of your dreams! Kimberly works with the sellers to negotiate a fair offer. Once accepted, the down payment will be submitted and the inspection period begins. 


Connect With Kimberly

Once you are pre-approved, connect with Kimberly Groteboer, Your Rochester, MN Realtor. Kimberly guides you through the process from offers, to inspection details, paperwork, and closing.



Once the negotiations and contingencies are settled, and closing date has come, Kimberly will be there at your official hand over for the keys to your new home.


Know Your Goals

Before your eyes hit the market, know the reason you are buying a home, and clearly define your wants and needs in a list. How many bedrooms? What side of town? What is my maximum drive time to work? Know what to filter out before shopping.


With over 25 public schools in South East Minnesota area, there are learning environments for all ages.


Rochester, MN considered environmental sustainability as a top priority. With efforts made to incentivize home owners for "going green" and making updates. 


Southeast Minnesota is packed with local restaurants. Enjoy some ice cream at Flapdoodles all year round, sip on some craft beer at our local breweries like Little Thistle, Thesis, and LTS. Drive around to sample a variety of food trucks, or enjoy some fine dining at our local restaurants.


Rochester Public Transportation system is available in almost every neighborhood. Accompanied with a scheduled bus route, skyways, and underground walkways for easy access to most buildings in downtown Rochester.


With dozens of local small business shops, makeup stores, a large mall, sporting goods store, and more, Rochester has a variety of easy to access shopping locations.

Welcome, to South East Minnesota

Home of Mayo Clinic, local small business, great breweries, top tier school districts, recreational activities, shopping, entertainment and transportation. Southern Minnesota and the Rochester, MN area has homes near all the key elements you want. With over 100 thousand people in the area, there is a wide variety of residential properties awaiting for you.